Nero9 Specialities

At Nero 9 Milano, meat is the undisputed protagonist. A careful selection of the best breeders and a choice of the highest quality Italian products of DOC and DOCG origin, accompanied by cooking methods that respect and enhance the raw material, guarantee an unforgettable experience. Research and attention also in the kitchen: appetizers, tartare and first courses complete the offer. All accompanied by a fine selection of wines.

La Fiorentina

The Florentine Steak, also simply called Florentine is a high quality cut of meat, portion of the sirloin, characterized by its classic T shape from which derives the international name T-Bone. The Florentine is famous in the world as one of the specialties of the Italian culinary art and follows rigid rules in the selection of heads of cattle, thickness, consistency, and cooking. Only 5 or 6 cuts can be obtain from one animal. This reason contributes to its high price.

Nero 9 offers a Florentine selection of the highest quality and guarantees an optimal cooking strictly on the charcoal grill. Florentine steaks are characterized by the essential choice of long periods of maturation, although different from other proposal, it’s a key factor to best experience the intense flavor of the meat.
Type of breed, marbling, and maturation time are the parameters that will allow you to choose the best suitable Florentine to satisfy your palate, each of them will be an experience and journey through taste and a non plus ultra for meat lovers.

Il Filetto

The filet defines the most tender and valuable cut of beef. Its shape resembles that of a thin cone with rather small dimensions. In a bovine it is possible to obtain only about 3% for a maximum weight of just 4 kg. For this reason the thread cutting is notoriously high.

Filetto di Nero 9 comes only from carefully selected garments and enjoys a long period of maturation, thanks to which it will reach a degree of intensity of taste and meltiness that is difficult to match. Nero 9 offers the classic barbecued fi bed, characterized by cooking on the grill to enhance the unique flavor of its simplicity. For lovers of more elaborate meat also elaborate threads such as zola, mustard or truffle.

La Tomahawk

The Tomahawk steak is a high quality cut of meat with a distinctive taste. It’s a rib eye characterized by a 30 cm long bone that is left intact. It’s name derives from its original shape that resembles the Native Americans’axe. The cut comes from free-range large cattle and defined by a strong taste, juicy meat, although very tender thanks to the presence of an elevated amount of fat.

Nero 9 proposes some types of Tomahawk which differentiate themselves for their flavor and consistency. Here too Nero 9 qualifies itself for the choice of cuts that have undergone a long period of maturation. The Tomahawk , just like the Florentine, has a high thickness and requires a careful and homogeneous cooking to preserve all its nourishing properties. Also in this case the charcoal grill is perfect. Our suggestion is to taste this cut of meat rare, but it is still very appreciable if cooked medium-rare.